Web3 Banking

The Daisen Ecosystem is a fusion of DeFi and CeFi in an all-in-one dApp, featuring an innovative integration of fiat & Self-Custodial wallets.

Daisen is Europe’s trusted,
secure and reliable crypto platform

Your assets are on the blockchain
and always accessible

Protected by the most secure
cryptographic tech

Registered in the EU and
regulatory compliant

Creating a DeFi Space for 98% of users

Only 2% of cryptocurrency users utilize truly decentralized technology, while the other 98% rely on third-party custody. One of the main reasons is that users are not familiar with self-custodial wallets. At Daisen, we are creating a safe and accessible DeFi environment for the 98% of people.

Self-Custodial Wallet

Create your own self-custodial wallet in just one click, or use our protocol with your favorite wallet provider, such as MetaMask or WalletConnect.

  • Privacy
  • Funds control
  • Be your own custodian

Censorship Resistance

Our protocol is based on smart contracts. Capital flows are controlled by technology in a completely transparent and public manner. Trust the code without intermediaries.

  • Tech-based
  • Managed by Smart Contracts
  • No intermediaries

One-Click Onboarding

All DeFi functionalities are located in a single protocol without complex processes. In addition, your self-custodial wallet is just a click away.

  • Quick learning
  • Safe environment
  • Technical support

Daisen Ecosystem, Crypto for the people

DeFi Products

  • Exchange (DEX) Trade assets in a decentralized, fast, and affordable way.
  • Launchpad Find the best projects on our launchpad and invest in them safely.
  • Lending & Borrowing Lend and borrow. Earn fees or increase your exposure on a decentralized platform with low commissions and no intermediaries.
  • Bridge Jump between networks safely and inexpensively.
  • Leverage Multiply your investments with a minimal fees.
  • Synthetics Invest in stocks, commodities, currencies, or anything else you want with your crypto assets.

CeFi Products

  • Debit Card The fastest and worldwide accepted cash-out method.
  • Web2 Onboarding Easily access our products through an intuitive registration process.
  • On/Off Ramps Simple fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat exchanges.

Daisen Card

The easiest cash-out method is now connected to your favorite DeFi assets. Secure your crypto assets in the blockchain and also use them for your daily expenses.

  • Powered by Mastercard. Accepted at millions of stores all around the world.
  • Virtual and Physical. Choose how to manage your money in your way.
  • Stack DSN token and earn up to 4% on cashback.

The best of DeFi and CeFi

All DeFi functionalities located in a single protocol, without complex processes. In addition, your self-custodial wallet is just a click away.

Self-Custodial Wallet Integrated
Censorship Resistance
On-chain Transparency
Debit Cards
1-click onboarding
On/Off-Ramp Services